A Socially Engaged Art Event

About Our Project:

Our art project consists of personal, open letters written to U of U students about the impact of the University on the creek. After learning the importance of watersheds in our communities, we came to know that Red Butte Creek was one watershed that ran throughout campus and Salt Lake. We wanted to bring awareness about Red Butte Creek and highlight the importance it has in our lives. In essence, we were inspired to make the invisible, visible We created letters to distribute to random students on campus by hiking together, spending time at the creek, and researching the history of it on campus. Each of us chose to distribute it differently some were given away to friends, others to strangers, and the rest were left for random people to find. The original letters are part of an exhibition on the first floor of the art building. We also created a community-engaged art project at Marriott Library Plaza.This is an interactive piece with a simulated creek to share information about the creek. We will pose questions for people to write on the chalkboard pieces. There will also be a celebration with food for everyone who participants.

As each of us explored and researched more about Red Butte Creek, we found ourselves excited to share what we found with other students on campus. All of us come from different areas of studies, have different passions, but we all found ourselves connected to the U of U and Red Butte Creek. Come meet the authors of the letters and the artists of the project as we celebrate what Red Butte Creek means and bringing awareness to the (in)visible watershed on our campus!

To learn more about Red Butte Creek click here! 

Dates and Locations:

Community Engaged Art Piece: April 25, 2017, at 12:30 p.m.at the Marriott Library Plaza with a rain alternate under the eaves on the north side of the library

The exhibition will be open to the public April 18 through April 25 on the first floor of the ART Building


Artists: Emma Wardle and Laurie Larson

About the Artists:

The students in Art, Action and the Environment, taught by assistant professor of sculpture intermedia, Wendy Wischer, collaborated to design and implement this capstone project, funded by the Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF).

Art, Action and the Environment is offered through the Honors College at the U. As part of the class, students explore the way art can be used to engage the public in environmental concerns. The students come from different disciplines across campus, including David Eccles School of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Humanities, and the College of Social and Behavioral Science.

Wendy Wischer: Assistant Professor Scupture Intermedia

Ciria Alvarez (Political Science and Sociology)

Derek Rennicke (Phyics and Political Science)

Emma Wardle (Film) 

Kaden Plewe (Mechanical Engineering)

Katie Barber (Health, Society, and Policy)

Laurie Larson (Film)

Leanne Hodges (Animation)

Maria Hiatt (Political Science)

Mary Kathryn Curcio (Anthropology and Biology)

Morgan Cowley (Linguistics)

Myranda Peterson (Social Work)

Taylor Colton (Communications)

Uyen Hoang (Business/Marketing)

Photographer: Morgan Cowley
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