Digital Art in Quarantine

By Natalie Cheatham

Learn about different free digital art resources available to U of U students to stay engaged and creative at home during quarantine.

Five Survival Tips for Surviving the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

By Alec Bang & Doug Tolman

Alec and Doug have sharing with you 5 tips for surviving the global pandemic crisis we are experiencing on this earth right now. Just remember, just get outside (or inside). 


Mask Making

By Stephania Wilks

Learn how to make your own face mask to wear during this quarantine. Click here to look at examples, template, and instructions.

The Barb Moss Channel

   By Hannah Scofield

I‘m sure we could all use a few more friends in quarantine! So why not draw them? In this quick video you can learn the easy steps in drawing a face. Access your untapped artistic talent!

Connecting With Art in the Comfort of Your Home

By Kelcie Bird

You can connect with art virtually. Here is a list of museums that offer virtual tours.

Stay in your coffin to keep you from coughin

By Matt

“Pass the time inside by watching these horrifying films! Some good, some campy, all in terrifying 2D!”

Sound of Quarantine

By Eden Merkley

What better way to express my feelings about Covid-19 than through song? Enjoy the Sound of Quarantine. And wash your hands after you press play!

10 Best Lists to Make

By Emma Wood

Tips for fun and useful lists you can make during your time in physical isolation.

How to Throw a Social Distance Party

 By Jennifer Chacon

How to throw a party while social distancing.

“5 Must-Read Books to Avoid Reality”

By Kelly Goff

Reading is the ultimate escape from reality. Check out these 5 recommended reads.