Clean air is a basic human right. Polluted air threatens the health of everyone and lowers the quality of life for children who are prohibited from playing outside, elders who are too fragile to breathe particulate matter, pregnant women who don’t want to expose their developing babies to pollution, and other at-risk people living in the Salt Lake Valley. Air quality is a major local issue.


On average each person breathes over 3,000 gallons of air each day. When this air is polluted it can cause a myriad of health problems including asthma, cold infections, lung damage, bronchitis, brain damage and even early death. Additionally, polluted air can damage trees, crops, plants, lakes, animals and monuments.

The main factors that contribute to the poor air quality in the Salt Lake Valley are cars and factories. The Division of Air Quality 2014 Annual Report detected over five harmful EPA designated criteria pollutants in the Salt Lake Valley including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate, sulfur dioxide, lead and ozone. Salt Lake City may be known for its powder snow and beautiful mountains, but it is also known for its air pollution and nasty inversion.

To better air quality, we can drive less and drive smarter. Driving smarter includes carpooling, combining trips, using more fuel efficient vehicles, and following the speed limit. We can also reduce pollution through driving less and using public transportation, using “slow” transportation (such as biking and walking), and embracing more localized and active communities that require less driving.

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RETHINK, RECONNECT, AND REJUVENATE your actions towards clean air!