Rethink, Reconnect, Rejuvenate

A Socially Engaged Art Event

This socially engaged art event, Rethink, Reconnect, Rejuvenate, uses original photographs and recycled cardboard as means of “begging” for a cleaner, safer environment. Pictures from Utah of an azure sky will contrast the gray-brown haze that haunts the horizon and infects our lungs. Photos of water will point to the vital watersheds that reside in the mountains and the often-neglected Jordan River. Vivid imagery of plants will remind the public of the green nature within their own city and the vast array of Mother Nature in local parks. These University of Utah students ask the residents of Salt Lake City to rethink, reconnect, and rejuvenate their relationship with the environment.

Dates and Locations:

April 20, 1pm-3pm @ University of Utah

Marriott Library Plaza, the Hyper Highway below the Student Life Center, the plaza between the Union and the Student Services Building, at the top of Presidents Circle, the area between the UMFA and the Business School, the area between Orson Spencer Hall and the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, at the underpass to stadium parking lot

April 22 (Earth Day), 1pm-3pm @ Salt Lake City

North Temple at State, 400 S at Main St., 400 S at 200 E, 400 S and 600 E, Trolley Square, the Trax stop at Rice Eccles Stadium

About the Artists:

The honors class, Art, Action, and the Environment came together to design a final project reminding the citizens of Salt Lake of the trifecta of environmental issues in the valley: air quality, water sources, and nature preservation.

Art, Action, and the Environment is offered through the Honors College at the University of Utah. As part of the class students interact with the environment and express their concerns through artistic means. The students range from all different backgrounds across campus, including the College of Health, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Social and Behavioral Science, David Eccles School of Business, and the College of Engineering.

Wendy Wischer: Assistant Professor Sculpture Intermedia

Justin Watson: MFA Student in Sculpture Intermedia

Janey Heyman: Janey is studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

Jacob Hopkins: Jacob is studying Mechanical Engineering.

Kelly O’Neill: Kelly is studying Photography.

Sloan Russell: Sloan is studying Business Marketing and Portuguese.

Sabrina Stein: Sabrina is studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

the group